A head-on photo of two carrots rattles resting against a white linen background. The front carrot rattle has a sage-green carrot top. The back carrot rattle has a slightly darker, more olive-green carrot top. The carrot tops are circular, almost like little clouds.
A top-down shot of a neatly-organized pile of carrot rattles against a white linen background. Five of the carrots have the olive-green colored tops, while two of the carrots have the sage-green tops.
Carrot Veggie Rattle
A close-up shot of the carrot rattles in a pile. In this photo, the detailed textures of the fabric and the seams are visible.
A side-angled photo of the carrot rattles in a wooden apple box. The carrots are leaning against one another, rather than standing straight up. Two carrot top colors are shown, the sage-green and the darker olive tops. The rustic, earthy, and warm brown body of the carrots provides a lovely contrast against the white linen background and light-colored wood of the apple box.
Carrot Veggie Rattle
A top-down, close-up shot of the neatly organized pile of carrot rattles against a white linen background. The textures of the linen fabrics are visible.
A close-up shot of two carrot tops against a white linen background. This photo has a slightly greener tint to it than the others. The sage-colored carrot top is front and center, while the darker more olive-colored carrot top is behind it.
Carrot Veggie Rattle

    Carrot Veggie Rattle


      Entirely handmade from stem to fruit. 

      Using the finest linens and my own patterns, each and every rattle is made to order by my own two hands. It’s a labor intensive process that yields heirloom-quality pieces that can be passed down from sibling to sibling.

      You will receive one similar, though not exact to the photo since each one is unique from the others, as is the nature of handmade goods. 

      In a warm brown and poofy green top, the Carrot Veggie rattle brings a favorite snack to life with a gentle jingle. Exactly how I imagine a carrot would sound. 


      ***If you have selected the "Personalized with Embroidery" option,  please put your desired personalization in the "Notes and Gift Messages" section in the general "Shopping Cart" area. Maximum 10 letters please***


      Approximately 8" x 2".

      100% natural linen and cotton fibers. Yarn-dyed carrot top and a special yarn dyed and homespun fabric body.

      For best results, hand wash and air dry, however as busy parents know sometimes hand washing isn't in the cards, so a cold machine wash on your most delicate setting and an air dry should be just fine.

      Made right here in a little studio in Los Angeles.